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Hello dear!! I can understand the phase you are going through, every parent gives their  best and wish for better future for their kids.

I empathise that after getting complaints from school authorities , life of you both got upside turn.

Don't worry , they advised you appropriately to visit the counselor. It will help your kid to get out of vicious habit soon.


Present problems mentioned:

1. Caught of taking cigarette on school premises.

2. Denying the fact by saying headmaster is against him.

3. Putting less efforts in studies despite knowing parents economic conditions.


Probable causes may be :

1. Pressure of working hard: sometimes kids don't express but pressure of working hard nd achieving better in life make them stress and make it follow bad habits like smoking 

2. Bad company: kids use substance as fun and try element.

Bad company of school mates provoke it.

3. Break up stress: break up is not merely by girlfriend , it can be with best friend or school mates,ignorance and bullying by school mates.

4. Genuinely,he wasn't doing it but someone, puts blame on him incidently he get caught.


The reason can be any of these. So suitable advices for you as follow:

1. Don't loose hope: He's small enough to understand right and wrong so early, your guidance will be great benefit. Give him time, sit with him, ( don't pressurize) ask him truth.

Know the exact reason and guide him accordingly.

2. Rule out fear: if you feel he's in fear of some seniors or in stress , discuss properly take suitable help like visiting school counselor or child guidance clinic accordingly.

 You know your kid better.

3. If he become obsessive that he hasn't and going violent, better visit a child counselor nearby and schedule appointment, they work professionally and experienced to rule out reason and guide.

4. Take a proper check at his school routine, school bag, clothes of having lighter or cigarette packets.. 

Room and drawers are also in list.

5.A better guide to truth will also be his friends, talk to them, their information might help you in clearing the scenario of blaming or exactly doing.

6. Father talk:man to man talk bring results, women are emotional sometimes, let his father talk, he's really small to have smoke. 

Tell him the affects and consequences in reality touch.

7. Work on school environment also,if it's case of bullying, blaming or anything else, changing school is not a bad option. 

8. Give more care and attention. 

Help him in studies, stressing him to study by giving list of responsibilities in future is sometimes okay, but not be a must  dose.


I hope these advices will help!!

All the best to kid!