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Lady, your daughter's teacher is absolutely right. We all say, bad things come and go, they are the part of life but staying strong again is the biggest task , you need courage to do it. Your daughter need someone to enforce courage in appropriate manner. As you mentioned, that she's being molested, this either gave her the negative sign about her sexuality or she was not able to cope with the happening. 2. Staying aloof is the subjective sign that she things negative and leading to depression. 3.Don't want to take food properly and lost focus is the combined symptoms leading to depression. My advice for you as follows: 1. Appreciation: appreciate her constantly that how she fought up against the bad person.everyone don't have courage, you are a brave girl.mom is proud on you. 3. Modelling: tell her the folklores, stories, about the ladies who fought back and succeeded. How they are keeping themselves happy overcoming it.. 3. Evaluate and ventilate: take her to her favorite peaceful place either temple or park, and try that she evacuate what exactly she feels. Don't worry if she cry, let her evacuate. 3. Plan an outing: You all can plan an outing with family, try to take her to childy places like amusement parks , picnics , to give her the change. 4.meditation and yoga will help to divert her. 5. Make her the food she like, even u can tell her nanny to come and cook for her( everyone loves grandparent's hand food) 6. If that person ( gatekeeper) still work there or in ur reach, fight to give him punishment . 7. Take her to the counselor ,they will be ultimate help. I can understand, your part as mother, do little efforts, your beautiful daughter will be back with smile.