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Hello sir!!! Your child teacher was right in stating that your child is special and he needs special education. This will benefit kid enormously. As the childhood history you stated are: 1. Slow in learning words / speech. 2. Started walking at age of 3 3.slow in learning basic routines. 4 developmental delays. the symptoms you illustrated are signalling that your kid might be a slow learner. Slow learner keep a pace in learning new things as compared to their friends,but reach milestones. Delays can be linguistic,social and motor too My piece of advice for you would be : 1. Get your child assessed by child psychologist for I.Q. and diagnosis. 2. Get his behavioural therapy done, so that his behavioural delays combact 3.special education is important As it means to teach kid the basic rather than curriculum burdens. It starts with basic fine motor and phonomics studies ( swar , vyanjan). It doesn't go with other children, special education only works with your child speed of learning 4. Parent effort So what u can do for your child : 1. Praise : praise on the effort Not on result. 2. Talk and talk: talk open ended questions about Anything.. Try to involve in more verbal cause. 3. Gross motor activity : Don't worry about fine motor ability for ex: u told your kid to bring shoes:: If he even went to the direction of shoerack but Bought mother's sandals that s okay , appraise him. 4. Encourage him for dance and other physical activity. 5. With your keen efforts, your kid will decrease the pace with normalcy. All the best !!!