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Hello dear!! Don't worry , we are here to help you. Thanks for sharing query here.

Understand, you are still as jolly and loving person as you were but the incident made you fearful resulting in anxiety > hence numbness of limbs. .


Present complaints:

1. Numbness in hands and feets

2. Not able to concentrate on business , study.

3. Not able to ride bike

4. Afraid of marriage , not sure about future and can't plan for same. 

5. Avoiding friends


 Dear, let's understand that incident again and try to find the cause:

You had weed kulfi that day , it increases the serotonin uptake hormone in your brain and a sudden feeling of dizziness, weakness and turning of world upside down came to you.

 When next morning you started driving , that anxiety of the moment along with sudden gush of hormone made you fearful , this actually giving you the physical symptoms of numbness in hands.


My suggestions for you as follows:

1. First of all Understand,you are absolutely fine, this is just anxiety, once you know how to fight with it , you will be again the same person .

2. For this, take help from a psychologist nearby, go through some therapies like CBT Therapy, reality Therapy,interpersonal therapy, CDT Therapy

This will help you to fight with the current scenario.

3. Try to socialise with people, your friends, don't escape like Avoiding, if you feel afraid in starring that you cannot stand them for long, give 10 mins and then increase time with friends.. 

4. Similarly, with driving, nothing will happen tell you friend to be with you in Starting, take small round first and then big one...

 Divert yourself from numbness .. Try looking what you are achieving.

5. If you feel problem is increasing,don't escape, visit psychiatrist , medicinal help ( anxiolytics) is necessary in emergency.

6. Divertion is the best cure , put yourself in relaxational activities like meditation,  yoga , gyming etc.

7. Go for morning walk ( brisk)in the morning.


Pls keep in mind,it's just an anxiety issues, you can easily win over, don't delay important decision in your life because you are afraid of it 

Be a strong man, And move forward.

All the best