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Namaskar!!! I applause your dedication towards study. I'm proud my country has educated farmer like you who can give agriculture a new horizon.

I can Understand, what you are going through, it always take courage to walk on the path less travelled. Passions never need to be repressed otherwise they don't let person live and die satisfactorily.

 You should study and let your kids study too.

 Be proud Yes,you are poor educated farmer.

 May be you are poor by money but you are rich by education.

Money come and go but education always multiples.


The work you are doing, is your ancestral work, this is what you are doing as your responsibility and learning is what you want as individual. Both can go, hand in hand as you are doing now.

You are doing Great!!!


Make your wife realize the worth of study..

 You don't need to win over her or fight but ,let her know the importance by telling her cons when you will get job .

Your Kids at better position in life , she will understand.

Rest about, society taunts , undesrtand society is what you can't change .

>Problem you are facing for now is concentration issues and you want to study for govt exam too.

My suggestions for you are as follows :

1.  Make schedule: you don't need to spend more time on study than work.

Schedule time ,divide and study worth.

 2. Set right time table,

I know it's difficult for now to tolerate what people say but take it positively.

 Be proud people only give advices to people who do things differently,  not the one who stand in comfortable zone.

Enjoy critisism rather motivate.

3. Ignorance is the biggest answer to fool

Follow it.

4. As your subject is also helpful in appearing for govt exam,read newspaper spend time with learning new things too.

5. Whenever you feel depressed,go out, you have nature with You, spend time with your crops,talk to them,they are living creatures. 

You will feel good.

6. Keep faith in god and patience.

 Everything will be better than you expected.


I know you will be the proud for ""India".you will be example for future.

Go on.dont quit ,depressed and sad. All the best!!!