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No, you shouldn't ! If one person in the house you feel doesn't like you, it never says to leave home, see the other two members ( your son and grandchild) need you. You are the biggest support to them, Running away is never the solution, solving the problem while being there is the biggest victory. I sympathize as your wife is not with you in the remaining journey of life but, accept the reality nobody can love you as she did And you not not alone, go out make friends, try to be friends of people like you, may be they are looking for your friendship. My advices would be: 1. Try to indulge yourself in spirituality, enchanting hymns, connectivity, me -time is necessary. Its the only power that can give you satisfaction 2. Change bit of your lifestyle, opt for morning walk, yoga sessions, make friends there. 3. As you are retired, you can join any n.g.o or some cultural meetings or groups.your knowledge will be great help to the youngsters. 4. Seek help from counselor , they can motivate you. 5. Spend more time with your grandchild, his love will give you energy. Don't loose help, you are important.