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Hello dear!!! Dont be demotivated , that was just your first interview, Try on again, you will be best. I can understand that you faced problem out there but I'm happy ,that you want to work on it. Your efforts only shows you are not zero! "Gir Kar uthne wale ko hi hero kehte h " Issues facing 1. Communication issues 2. Feeling nervous and shaky 3.loosing confidence 4. Feeling motivated to appear for interview. Causes: As you mentioned that you were not so much friendly with in your childhood and had selected relatives to talk. Although you talk in comfort zone, but never interacted to new people outside. Keeping yourself in a network made you feel comfortable but now going and answering people in authority making you feel anxious. Trust me, a single job interview is not the end of world. Tingling sensation, sweating and not able to say anything are symptoms of Social Anxiety. My tips for you are as follows: 1. For fighting anxiety and be confident in interview,first do practice Start with your trusted friend or sibling, tell them to be an interviewer and ask questions , Try to improve and be natural. 2. Try to go to the venue before time,prepare yourself according to the surroundings , talk to the employees and reception people or co applicants there and then , things will be better. 3. Stay calm: don't worry, this is just an interview,don't judge yourself on this pattern, feel normal as your teacher is asking you a question. 4. Don't look for negative signals: sometimes even they are signalling you that you are saying right answer but you took it wrong, don't look for their face expression, stay collected in present If you feel nervous, pause for a second and again start with slow tone. 5. Dont think negative, interviewers are not there to judge you, they are there to judge your abilities. Be strong on your abilities and qualifications. 6. Its usual: pls Understand, every second person feel this,it's not unusual. Work on it,practice, you will be better. 7. Take proper sleep a night before interview,don't stress yourself much, practice meditation in morning,avoid caffeine drinks, dress up well, take blessing from family before leaving. Even you can accompany any friend of yours to job interview initially. 8. You can Google out some questions according to your job field,write answers for them on paper and practice it Mirror talk is the best option. 9. For confidence building and fighting social anxiety: A. Exposure: go out,make new friends,talk to them. Start with social media and then jump to meetings. B . Appraise: if you made conversation nd getting better reply , reward yourself. C. Don't avoid:go out,escaping will increase problem, Make friend.. Don't worry what people around you think,just try to be yourself. D don't fear but fight, it's basically a hormone rush,nothing's is gonna hurt you, fight you will be better. E. Take help from therapist, if problem increasing , CBT THERAPY WILL help you to go better with this issue. F. Go for new hobby,making friend there and expanding your skills are important Personality development and communication improvement courses are recommended. (As you feel problem in communication) Lastly,practice motivation, self motivate by saying: 'I prepared well,I can do, will try to give my best shot,they might select me" Work on,you will get your best job. Trust on God and try to improve your shortcomings.