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I can understand you,don't be depressed , with the right guidance you will able to fight on with your habit of day dreaming to a good level. Issues you are facing now: 1. Day dreaming about project given to you and visualizing the same. 2. Due to being involved,not able to complete work on time leading to critism and being hurt. 3. Feeling hopeless and depressed as no-one is understand what is the reason for the same . Dear, according to psychology, day dreaming is the defence mechanism, people do it to escape from painful and difficult situation into the world of their visualization, where they feel good. Although , it's not bad but when it's start hampering your schedule, it needs to be monitored. My suggestions for you would be as follows: The purpose is to use day dream reduction technique, stay focused and engage in activities attentively 1. Understand why you do it: Do you do to escape problem, to plan things,to feel good or pass time? Access the pattern first. 2. Buy a notebook or diary, make a list how many times a day you day dream like : 21. Nov; 5 times for 30 mins approx. 22 Nov: 6 times Try to reduce the times first and then frequency. Possibly you can set an alarm for very 1 hour in office to distract you and drink water. If someone ask, you can say it's my water intake reminder . Apps are available for the same. Purpose is to enhance awareness. 3. On the first page of diary,write the consequence if you day dream,so whenever you open it , you will able to see the warning, the habit will leave you soon. 4. Plan less: have a schedule and stick to it completely,try to take physical work more than intellectual. 5. Reward yourself: it's basically the learned process, positive reinforcement will definitely boost your power to fight, if someday,your frequency became less,reward yourself with shopping.( I hope you like it) 6. Get up: if in the office you feel drifting,get up go for the small walk in cafeteria, or do some stretching or saying hi!!! to a colleague. You can listen to songs and video.Try to be interactive. 8. As you mentioned,you use to imagine about project given to you by company, As soon as you get project,take paper and write down so that you know the time limit and your plans , how to do it . 9. Take proper sleep,you can write night dairy too. Taking healthy diet in a day. 10:Try to find new hobbies like joining gym,treckking, aerobics and make yourself engaged by busy schedule. 11. Consider help by psychologist and friend support system for reduction techniques. 12. One of the probable cause be work load may be, don't stress,as long as you work,project may come and go,work less but work perfectly. Lastly,I want to say you Dear,try to judge yourself , and don't take stress,if someone else (boss) say wrong , it will not decide your capabilities Work hard! Reach on heights .