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Hello dear!!! You will achieve heights in life,may be you were not Rabbit who ran fast , but a tortoise who's running slow as to win in life.

In this story,if tortoise have blamed his species of being heavy and habit of running slow , he might have lost the race in between.

If you have decided to achieve the targeted success, don't worry who's first and last, keep moving is important.

  Son, understand two things clearly:

1. The things which are in your destiny at particular time, you will not get it on time only.

"Waqt se pehle , kisi ko kuch ni milta."

2. Success is not characterizes by how many attempts made and whts your age.


Remember these things always, you will never get demotivated in life.

 Now, coming to the equality you mentioned here, you know it's an global issue, many who deserves it or not, are enjoying it!!!

Promise yourself and study hard: as soon as you will get night post in civil exams, try to  strict laws who deserves reservation or not.

Help the coming generations so that they don't get demotivated as you are going.

 So , chill up and work again.

I know you will do it !!!


》Some of my advices for you :

1. Don't look for people around you, who got selected or not, Don't burn your positivity into jealously, MARK YOUR OWN JOURNEY.

2.  Dont go depresses, keep motivating quotes hanging on your walls or study tables.

Our country need you son.

3. Give youself the relaxation time, meditate by sitting calm and listening your own hartbeart and concentrating  on your breaths,you I'll feel pace inside.

 Do it for 10 mins sitting or sleeping twice a day.

4. Read stories of people, who made to toughest exams of their life,it's said that " the one who got failures Initially, can only know the taste of success"

 Be proud, you are one of them.

5.interact with friends confidently, give time to parents and study focussed, this time you will surely clear it out .


All the best