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Hello dear! I can empathise with the bitter experience you had In your past, but I'm happy that you learned the life skills that made you positive. I can understand the social rejection you are facing and leading you towards feeling bad about past incidents but moving on,is very much important. Issues: 1. Social rejection 2. Feeling of suffocation nd stressed 3. Not able to overcome the negative memories. 4. Feeling of crying. 5. Want to start new life but can't. First of all,I appraise that you are working in N.G.O and studied socially despite of such ups and downs in life. And your this effort of working in N.G.O will definitely make you proud of yourself and people around you some day. My tips for you would be : 1 Understand, there are some things in life you can't change,so it's better to avoid them Society is a dynamic group , you can't give them explanation,neither they will Understand,avoiding is the best tool. I know it's difficult for now, but rather indulge yourself in productive work so that your respect starts to gain. 2. Recognize the memory and formulate positive one: A. Take a piece of paper and write down all the memories that life gave you happy. Keep the paper in your vallet, see that whenever people say you bad. 3. Try to live in present:try to do meditation nd yoga,rejuvinate the inner self ,practice mindfulness by repeating positive statement " I have to do better in life's 4. Consider that the time you spent in N.G.o made you mature, powerful about living the life . It made you a positive and a independent you. 5. Keep building happy memories: go out on trip,join new hobby , paint draw learn,dance , jump, make yourself as happy as you can. 6. Try to keep yourself busy with the works in N.G.O , people round there. You can also start writing blog,if you feel so,or writing diary.. People on social media,gets inspired to know the stories of people who overcome the downs In life. 7. Keep patience and believe in god: time is the best wound healer and God has the ultimate power of giving strength. Spend time with the energy 8. Seek help; get yourself open to your friend,relative , share what you are going through. Or you can opt for professional help by talking to counsellor and opting for therapies like CBT THERAPY TO make you strong. 9. You can shift your town or workplace if can be possible but victory is only achieved when you change your image living the same situation. 10. Accept what happened was a mere nightmare,I have to be what I'm. Don't go stress or cry. Things will be fine soon.