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Hello Sir, thanks for sharing your query with us.I want to appreciate your courage,of coming out with the real desires of your life.

Yes, it really takes courage to speak up for your inner self and the goals you want to achieve in your life. People take whole life to understand what they exactly want to do and live only doing what they are doing.

 But Responsibility is important too in life,may be you felt bad but your wife was not wrong in letting you do the job.

 Understand,it's not necessary that you can't do what you with to do with your routine work.

I can Understand,you opted this job after sudden death of your mother,and doing from 8 years .Don't take it forgranted, it's the prominent source of income for your family. 


Relieve your hobby with the job 

 My suggestions for you as follows:

1. Take time out:

 Despite of your job timings,take     time out and start going for learning music as you like,the one you like.

Horn your skills , know what you are good at first.

 Which music skill you are good and pursue in future?

 Know first.

2. Before convincing others about what soothe You,show them the skills you have.

 Then you don't need to quit job,income is important,do it side by side.

3. If in future,you feel you are doing good.

You can pursue career as music teacher or open music academy or teach your college students music.

4. Don't be depressed,even in college time,utilize your free period,visit music faculty in college and seek interest there. This will keep you lively and give reason to your job.

5. If you feel burdened, you can talk to the counsellor and discuss what you feel.

There are many people who work and pursue their interest too.

So,don't be depressed! Work for your happiness and then after knowing what you can Do! Quitting is better.