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Q. I'm 26 years old girl. I had lost alot in my life. From my childhood my life was not so smooth it was full of ups and downs. I saw my father to abuse my mother every second and sometimes he use to bit her alot due to some issues. I saw my helpless mother crying helplessly. Nobody helped her not even my mother could overcome from this situation and died one day by committing suicide out of these continuos torture of my father. As I grow I being touched by love but there also I was ditched by him. Then joined a job but there also I became the victim of bullying by my colleagues and seniors due my accent in English. I started feeling very low in confidence loose all my hopes to stand strong. These series of events in my life makes my mind very week. Its full of complications, dilemmas, fearful thoughts about future. I only can imagine bad outcomes of any situation and repeatedly these thoughts are making my condition poor day by day. I have loose the trust in any relationship. I feel very helpless, I feel like it's end of my life. Sometimes I feel very much worried lonely fearful that can't explain in words.

Dear, Life only means ups and downs, moreover, god gives difficulties in life to those who believes has power to live upto them.


I can really sympathize with you by reading all the situations you faced since your childhood If it was someone else, they must have lost hope , You are really a STRONG WOMAN.

As the current problems you mentioned:

1. History of disturbed events made you fearful.

2. You feel lonely due to loss of love support in your life.

3. Worried, as you feel more problem will make you weak.

4. Lost trust in people as you hurt once.

5. Loss of confidence as you were victim of bullying at work.

6.  Negative thoughts of past and future denies you to live in present.


Don't worry, these situation made you so strong for future that you will set a strong example for your daughter.

And remember, every great lady has the history of so much downs like you have be it  IndraGandhi or mother teresa .


So, my piece of advice for you will be:

1. Don't loose hope: you have your whole life standing, invest your energy in positivity like meditation, self improvement.

2. Book your appointment with counselors nearby and go for motivational sessions.

3. Art of living courses will also take you out of answers or dilemma.

4. Join english improvement classes to cover up what you are weak in.

Real life heros are those who corrects their problem as they come.

5. Take proper nutritious food, you will have a strong future lady. Eat to support yourself.

6. Every second person is getting hurt in relationships these day , don't linger , MOVE ON, wait for that right one who will take you in the dream land with him.

If you got hurt once, it doesn't means you will not try again.

7. Don't lose self confidence, you join motivation enhancement classes at wellness centres nearby.

8. You can also go for CBT THERAPY to ventilate your negatives out.

9. Don't feel insecure, develop trust in god, thoZe who don't have anyone, that power is always inside.

Divert in religious activities.

Make friends, socialise, interact. 

Once again I'm telling, YOU ARE ONE OF YOUR KIND.

10. Past shouldn't hamper your present, try to make your future, the best place for your kids to live in. 


I know, you will follow the tips and set an inspirational message to the world around.



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