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Hello lady!! I appreciate your dedication towards making and managing house .

A salute to the homemaker lady.

The problems mentioned by you are clearly defining the need for seeking help from health professional as:

1. Anxious feeling especially when alone.

2. Thoughts of death and detachment .

3. Fear of husband's late coming or mishappening.

4. Getting disturbed when you didn't get response from husband on cal.

5.crying spells, restlessness, irritation, numbness.


All these problems generally signals that you are suffering from generalised Anxiety Disorder : State of anxiety .

 As soon as anxiety increase, the situation of panicky comes up and you want someone around you.

Importantly, don't force your husband to start his business at home, you will become more dependent on him . You need to be independent , your thoughts are making you weak.

Don't worry, the problem is completely curable and my suggestion for you would be:


1. Change lifestyle:

  I now it will be bit difficult in starting, but try to indulge yourself in morning walk, yoga sessions.


B.Try to set temple schedule, divert yourSelf to religious satisfaction.


C. You can start spending time with your daughters more related to their shopping, clothes, accessories etc. Try to be their helping hand at school or college works.


C. Join meditation or naturopathy sessions. To make you feel free from inside.

  The aim of life style modification is just to divert your thoughts in a productive pattern.


2. Set a proper cal timings. Give yourself alarm in  a day il, only cal my husband thrice today. Not more than that, be strict. Slowly slowly reduce the frequency. 


3. Book appointment with your psychiatrist, and get assessed. 

He might will put you on medicines. Please take them on time. You will be relieved.


4. Try to socialize yourself, go to kitties, park get together to get yourSelf diverted to the problems of others.

( The more you will stay at home alone, the more you will be anxious)


5. Seek psychologist help, CDT THERAPY And CBT THERAPY  are great help to recover from anxiety .. these are short therapies with sure results.


6. You can also do some relaxation deep breathing exercises at home  to soothe yourself at crying situations.


I hope my advices would be helpful to you, please don't worry, nobody is going to leave you, you are their life .

 And nothing will happen to anyone as long as you are there to take care of them.

 All the best!!!!