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Hello Sir!! I can empathatize with you that how weak,tensed and disturbed you feel, when the person loves you the most is in problem. As the problem mentioned by you are: 1. Increasing forgetfulness like kept things 2. Can't remember days,time, year. 3.loosing intactness with activity of daily living like going office, bathing and cooking chores. 4. Lost maintaining self care and hygiene. Probable causes will be: 1. As a psychologist,I want to divert your thoughts tgat this can't solely be diagnosed alzeihmers and amnesia.. 3. It can be Mild cognitive impairment which has the Causes : A.. some medications use can also result in loss of cognition sometimes. B. vitamin B12 deficiency in body can also be the reason. C. brain disorder and sudden injury. D. Emotional disturbance like stress and anxiety . In your case it may be no baby or being alone resulting in the same. Sometimes partner don't share what she feels alone. E. Western lifestyle like alcoholism . F. Hormonal disbalance due to age factors. My suggestions for you are as follows: 1.As you stated the history of going to the market, and forget her way. And I know your insecurity of sending her out became genuine but I suggest you to send her out with assistance like some maid or nurse. 2. Visit the doctor and rule out the diagnose of early alzeihmers by blood test and MRI and CT SCAN brain. 3. You can invite her mother or yours or any close family member to home, taking assistance and blessings of elders may solve problem. 4. Allow communication: sit with her either involve in intimate talks and then ask her if something is hurting her. 5. If remaining alone making her weak, plan for it or visit for gynae assistance. 6. Indulge her in physical workout like yoga and meditation and naturopathy treatment. 7. If vitamin deficiency rule out,give nutritional Diet, plan diet with nutritionist or start supplements 8. To combact forgetfullness: make things to do list in a day. So that she remembers basic one. 9. Check if she has started any new drug and it might be it's side effect. 10.Use Big calender and dates notice so that dates will be remembered. 11. Use note charts and memory aids. 12.Direction charts will be helpful at home . 13. Take help from psychiatrist,psychologist and neurologist accordingly. In the last , I suggest you to spend more time with your wife, And seek right help.