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Hello sir!! No, dont force her for marriage, it might worsen the condition.

Your sister needs help , she might be in depression. A proper guidance and a helping hand will help her to get out of her problems and developing interest in life and marriage.

 Present problems are:

1. Always sad

2.forgetting things she did or doing

3. Introverted personality.

4. No interest in studies, marriage and being self independent.

5. Uncomfortable nature.


My advices for you as follows:

1. Firstly, sit with her, try her to evacuate what's inside her, ask her what makes her weak is that the death of his father

Sudden burdens and demise if loved one put person in Grief. 

2. Make her visit a counselor nearby and talk. Certain therapies like CBT and behaviour therapy will help her to be balanced and bring happiness.

3. Don't force for marriage rather put her to more physical exercise like morning walk and yoga 

4. Meditation will also help her to make her mind settle.

5. For fogetfullness:

Tell her to schedule daily routines and do it accordingly.

6. Also try to find out, is there's any history of break up and other personal issues.


7. Making friends will make her happy allow her to spend time with friends and be happy.


She will be perfectly fine, she need right help.