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Hello sir! I m sorry to hear such dramatic events your wife is going through. I can understand the situation you are dealing with. We have all our  empathise with you.

As you mentioned your wife use to faint  a lot before too and now she came up with this ghostly behaviour , 

The history is signalling towards her hysterical behaviour.

The problems you mentioned are:

1.laughing like ghost

2. Jumping off from veranda,by opening hairs.

3. Talking in ghostly voices,rolling eyes, roaming.

4. Doesn't remember what happened.


I'm very much glad that rather misguiding you, astrologer and black magic specialist referred you to medical help.

She's disturbed, she needs help.

You please don't go afraid but try to work for her betterment .


According to me,it can be possession Behavour , like the spirit possession and trance she's feeling,it can be voluntary or involuntary.

Means,a person can do such behaviour that a spirit is  inside either consciously to take attention , ultimately getting joy or unconsciously means suffering from psychotic  issues .

 My suggestions for you as follows:

1.I recommend you to visit psychologist for  psychodiagnosis properly about her personality as it might be histrionic and then opt for counselling services required for the same.

2. I hope she pretends to be fine in morning, I request you to find out does she has any problem ,any stress, anything that hurting her from within ?

She needs to be counsellors by love and care is anything she's hiding and want to know.answrs ?

If she doesn't answer You, tell her parents to ask her the same by sitting alone in room.so if she doesn't want to share You, can share with the parents.

3. In morning time, make her social,let her visit her school friends, college mates and the one she feels connected too.

4. At night, make her involve before 12 in intimacy, love her , cuddle her , listen to her, do what she likes and observe the behaviour that day.

5. You can also do one thing:plan a day , when he starts behaving the same, in her presence, act like you slipped off in stairs and feeling pained , cry for help, record how she behaves,

If reaction changes , she might be pretending,tell the changes to the psychologist you are referring too.

6.you need to be in constant supervision and contact with psychologist and go for therapies like Reality therapy and relaxation ones.

7.you can also visit psychiatrist of problem persisted then , electronic therapies like ECT And medixine course like tranquilizers will be the solution.

8. You both can sit together for half n hour a day for talking about day to day activities , appreciate her love  and care for you,.

you both can also opt for doing meditation together.


Seek help in right direction,don't afraid,she will be fine.