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Hello sir!! I can understand what you are going through, fighting with bodily problems doesn't became problem till when it's get attached with mental and emotional trauma.

 Don't go depressed, every problem needs to be handled properly and in wise manner.

Current problems are:

1. Your wife wants to get separate. 

2. Don't want kid and after your insisting she had by blaming you for rape.

3. Taking some medicines without which she reacts badly.


Probable causes can be :

1. She's mentally unwell, she might be going through some personality issues and she's taking medicines to balance her ,that's y she don't want to get pregnant as managing is difficult.

2.  When you insisted her, she has to leave medicines ( not allowed in preganancy) leading to disturbed behaviour like blaming you.

3. May be guilt of marrying you either you are haemophilic or hiding that she's disturbed.

4. Or as a mother she's worried for her child's future as you both are compromised.

 Reason can be any of them or might be different 


My advices for you as follows:

1.  Give time to her: plan a date, give love and ask her what the problem , you yourself needs to be calm .

Appraise her responsilities towards you and your care, then  ask her, share her importance in her life.

  This is the best tool to know what's inside her.

2. In case she doesn't get open, call her brother , you all sit and try to jump to  conclusion.

You can also ask for any psychiatric history in past.

(Its your right)

Her mother will soothe her disturbance and internal conflicts.

3. Insure her that you will never leave her, nothing to worry whatever may happen she's your best support. 

Help her.

4. You may also opt for psychological counselling and marital therapy to get what exactly she's going through.

 Getting separated sounds easy but it's really tough.

Make your relationship strong.


5. In the last, I want you to be strong, if she wanrs to leave you  one and all. 

Don't go depressed, I know it will pain but if another Person is only breathing but not living with you. Pls let her go then.


 I pray , you both remain together with a happy bonding  by crossing this small hurdle.

All the best!!