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Hello dear, your wife needs help, may be there's someone in her that she was not able to find answer for. Thts why she has crying spells. She needs ventilation. May be there are some thoughts which are troubling her , hence, affecting her mood and behaviour. Changing her place wouldn't help. My advice for you is to seek professional counselling help. Right person with right skills would help her. Moreover, in personal side, give her more time, care , compassion, appreciation and change in lifestyle will be add on in recovery.

Hello dear, Problems in life come and go , the person needs to be strong to handle them. Your wife left you as she has fallen in love with someone you know is the present you are suffering from neither your future will not be the same nor was your past. She left you , but try to remember those beautiful moments of your marriage. The days she loved you, hugged you, all those memories are precious. Same will be your future, don't stress , the new life will definitely be full of beautiful moments and love , please do give yourself try. You became self obsessed with the negativity. My advise for you is: 1. Please consult counselor , keep your views and problems to her, she/he will enforce hope in you 2. CBT will be helpful so evacuate the negativity in you 3. After some sessions, follow your parents advice, do happily go for next chance to your life. May be she was the one who was waiting for you since long, the previous lady was not right 4. I can purely understand ,you got hurt, you had feeling attached to your wife. But you can't live with negativity always, not very lady is same. Seek help.

Hello lady, first of all congratulations for your Marriage! Secondly, Don't be stressed , your husband love You, so do you. I can understand the scenario over your place, you don't need to divorce him rather apologize for your behaviour. As the problem stated by you is: 1. Not feeling sexually satisfied as expected. 2. The circle of frustration- Anger- Fights continuing. 3. Stressed as alone you are happy even. Darling, I can understand your part as lady, satisfaction is important but respect and love is more important in relationship. There are ladies who wait long as their husbands are on border serving country. Do they frustrate and plans to leave ? Dear, problem is not you, desire is normal, problem is the expectation which he himself raised. (As he only fantasized you by erotic words) So, here are my some solutions for you : 1. Do meditate, it will help you to control your frustration and anget.will deviate you to positive energy around. 2. Join job, keep yourself working, as more you will alone, you will miss everything. 3. Go apologize to your husband. Marriages are bonds for life, its not easy to get good husband like him. 4. See, those words are spoken by him only.He can say all that you need, but those words need adrenaline rush and fantasy. May be responsibilty after marriage made him feel low on that regard. Explain him what you want but it's not only one . 4. Go for some cosy, seducing message at night, to make him feel relax then, may be things will process in expected way. 5. You can also plan for baby( that will give you answer to all your solutions), you both will be in more stronger bond then. 6. Psychological counseling, couple therapy will be of more help . 7. Remember, love and respect is important , seX is secondary. All the best!!! May you both live thousand year of togetherness.