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Hello sir! Loved to know that you have support and blessings tof such great and proud brother but Sometimes, sudden changes in nature left us disturbed when the reasons are not known properly. As the issues mentioned by you 1. Previously a happy and jolly person but suddenly excessive gush of grandiosity. 2. Self talk and aggressive 3. Loss of sleep. 4. Increased appetite and Energy. 5.feeling of being powerful I.e. Exhaltation. 6.laughing loudly by self 7.not going to office Probable causes: As the symptoms mentioned by you are stating that he's turning maniac ( state of excessive energy in terms being Happy, laughing, 'me' Feeling. 2. Narcisstic personality symptoms extravagant. 3 self talk and laugh can be related to hallucination and grandiose delusion too. My suggestions would be : 1. As you are observing the changes since few months, putting him on medicines is a better option.pls visit to psychiatrist , antipsychotics drugs will improve condition. 2. Involve family members , may be hospitalization is necessary doctor will assess for same. 3. Put him on more mental related activities like account section work,maths problems with kids as mentally tired will ease sleeping pattern. 4. Offer small and frequent meals as he's demanding more. Popcorn, bhuna bhuna and biscuits are better snack. 5. For sound sleep, give warm milk and dim lights will be done. 6. Psychological assessment for narcisstic personality is recommended. 7. Behaviour modification and group therapy along with counselling will be beneficial. 8. Encourage him to spend time in Hymns enchanting and meditation . 9. Divert his mins towards societal works as his leadership quality may help the people around. 10. Encourage him to spend time with kids and play with them. His energy will increase bonding with kids which may be due to his business schedule he might not able to give. Seek right help!!He will be better soon. 'The happiest brother of yours'.