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Hello lady!!! First of All, heartiest congratulations on your marriage. As the problem you stated are pointing towards the fear of heights known as ACROPHOBIA , All the symptoms you mentioned like: A. FEAR of going in balcony. B. Feeling of palpitations and vertigo. C.feeling that you will tell down D. FEAR of looking outside window. These symptoms are clearly stating that you might be phobic. Dear, it's very much important to first accept the fears you have in your life especially to your trustworthy partner. My piece of advice for you would be : 1. Sit calmly with your husband and explain him the problem.. it's the common problem , He will understand it for sure. 2. Convince your husband, to shift the flat if possible to ground floor. 3. Seek psychologist help simultaneously to fight with your fear. Go for CBT and CDT therapy , they will evacuate your fear from height. 4. Join some meditation and yoga session to relieve your physical symptoms. 5. Get your blood pressure monitored also. 6. Behaviour modification techniques like systemic desensitization will help.. ask your counsellor for the same. Fight and cope with your fear with the help of right person and support of your loved one You will be fine soon.