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Hello sir! Congratulations, bundle of joy will enlighten your house soon. I can totally understand, the situation you are facing. Its not necessary that lady feels good in pregnancy days. Actually, during first and second trimester , the body of the lady went into anatomical and physiological changes which make her hormones disturbed resulting in changing needs and behaviour. Vomiting, smell sensation, touch, nagging are common behavioural changes. As problems mentioned by you are : 1. Crying and not eating food. 2.feeling low and dull 3. Becoming abusive and irritated when approached 4.history of commiting suicide once. By looking to symptoms, your concern and worry related to wife and kid is genuine. She sounds depressed, may be the problem is the new change she feels, as she's becoming mother little late of her age(33 yrs) making her feel so. My advice for you would be: 1. Sit with your wife, hold her hand, and tell her that please share whatever she feel. Confront her, that I'm not forcing her to continue pregnancy if she won't feel good about it. You ( wife) is more important to me than kid. If you keep in taking stress, the problem will increase for sure. It will indirect effect the health of baby. 2. Take her to the antenatal counselors, they are special help to deal with depression among pregnants. 3. Make her read good parents books or videoz to make her prepare mentally for new baby. 4. You can let her talk to any new mom in your near and dear who can talk to her in soothing way. 5. Make her eat nutritious food and iron and folic acid tablets on time, Whatever she will eat will directly nourish the growing life. 6. Morning light walk and evening walks with you will be beneficial. 7. Tell your mother to motivate her by telling her some stories of your childhood , either she can take her out on shopping related to child's need. 8.You both can plan a pregnancy photoshoot , plan which place, photographer, props, pattern , dresses you want to choose. Encourage her to take interest to make it best. 9.Share the problem to her gynaecologist, she will help her too. 10. Tell her to spend more time towards religious activities like arti or reading geeta or ramayan , child can listen and feel now. Positive vibes are necessary for. healthy baby. 11. Meditation, yoga , pre natal exercise seesions will make her socialize with the mothers of het age. 12. You can also seek help from counselors, psychologist in further need. Please remember, post partum psychosis is also common after delivery , get her assessed if you feel changes again. I wish for the healthy baby and happiest parents .