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Hello brave Lady!! sad to know the demise of your parents. May their holy soul rest in peace. Ups and downs are part of life,brave is who understand that life is just the circle of life and death. Everyone came here to play their innings, be proud that your parents played it well. Current issues are: 1. Grief of parents 2. Separation from loved ones. 3. Feeling of being alone and upset sometimes. 4. Sudden habit of stammering and neck jerking Probable causes will be the feeling of insecurity,sadness and loneliness leading to depression and cognitive disturbance like stammering ( speech abnormality) 2. Mannerism like neck rigidity and shaking of neck which you can't Notice even, coming gradually. 3. Depression usually comes with anxiety, social anxiety would be the root cause. My suggestions for you as follows: 1. Yes, your doctor adviced you appropriately for psychological counselling,visit the one and describe what you are feeling on. 2. Understand, life is just going with flow,you just feeling insecure. We all came alone and will go with same. Relations are there to bring happiness ,God is the ultimate power and strength. Try to spend some time in God's serenity,that will be great help. 3.You are probably surrounded by negativity, CBT THERAPY and individual psychotherapy are recommended. 4. Try to divert your mind to hobbies classes like art and craft,aerobics and dance class. 5. Meditation , osho classes are best to hold your personality in positivity. 6. Set your schedule for morning walk ,yoga,spend some time in a day with friends like kitty party,friends get together. 7. Personal advice: Do look for a companion in life,a love and support in your life, you need someone to be around. Either tell your brother to look for a groom. 8. Even if your brother separated you,do cal him ,visit him and seek love from their children ( bua love) 9. For speech issues,you can talk to speech therapist and work on it . 10. Build strong personality :don't worry what comes and go,be happy on your existence and live your journey of life happily.