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Hello ma'am!! Greetings of the day. You are a great example of sacrifice and hardwork.

The way you fulfilled your responsibility is commendable.

You broke the taboo" that girls can't manage responsibility and family " . As of now

I can understand that loneliness is what makes you feel empty.

Problems you are facing 

1.feeling stressed and depressed specially at night.

2. Lost trust in relationship as there is  History of getting hurt in relationship.

3. Feeling of quitting life as there's nothing to look upon.


The probable cause is you never lived with yourself, you always fulfilled what responsibilities and relations told you to do , but when you effectively , lived for yourself???


What are your hobbies,what you liked to do,what's your interest in life ,your aims ,objectives.

Quest is to find answer for all these ??

 My suggestions for you as follows:

1. Today,make a list of things you always wished to do when you were young.

We all have wishes,which we never got opportunity to do as your life has something else decided for us.

 Make a list and fufill them

2. Make support group:

start making friends through social media,then your office staff and also make a list of friends from school and friends to whom you can contact. 

 Talk to them, find your happiness.

3. Join new hobbies; after office, you can join hobbies  like dance class, aerobics , art and craft the one you feel makes your interest.

4. Get on ,open your arms to the love in your life,everyone is different,you need someone to be around you , your kids, your husband.

You can make profile on online portals ,involve your siblings too later on.

5. Give me time to yourself:go out shopping,catch out with night parties,get together

Give yourself a reason to live and enjoy.

6. You can also join an N.G.O if you feel so like cry foundation or rotract that takes less of your time and involve in helping school kids.this give you pleasure and satisfaction.

7. You can also start giving coaching classes to small kids

At home,this will also give you target to achieve and fill aims in life.

8. When alone can do meditation, night time bath, deep breathing exercises , some stretching and warm milk before going to bed will give Healthy sleep.

9. In case of help,you can also talk to couselor nearby your locations to find a friend within.

 Understand, you cannot be alone in life if you have your God and your aims with you.

 Keep that light alive 

 You are best daughter.

 All the best !!!