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Hello boy!!! Dont be depressed! If a person don't have a parent, he has the God parent to support them. A person don't need a caste or surname for recognition, you just need a true soul to be identified. I can understand dear, it was difficult for anyone to live in orphanage,but I know there must be someone who loves and care for you the most in orphanage and you are not Alone dear, all the kids who are there in orphanage are your support. As the problem stated by you are: 1. Rejected in the relationship by the girl's father 2.difficulty coming in relationship with someone 3. Feeling of loneliness and disturbed thoughts 4. Insecurity in life. You are thinking negative, only because getting rejected and the reason behind it made you shattered . My piece of advice for you would be : 1. Don't be sad! You are doing great .. you are inspiration for many people in orphanage who might wants to be self dependent like you. 2. You are not alone, look out.im sure there must be people you will trace who love and respect you. 3. Solve your relationship: if the girl loves you, she will understand: caste and surname is no way to reject someone. You can even sit with her father, explain him your life struggle and can opt out a solution like: adopting their religion or caste And shifting at their house too.even still they don't agree, moving on is the better option. 4. Seek counselling help: Go to a counsellor nearby and discuss issues, they will ventilate your negative thoughts 5. Join some meditation nd yoga sessions to balance your inner self 6. Avoiding relationship yield no result: go out,make friends, everyone need a person like you to make friend. 7.Don't be lonely: your school, your kids need you. 8. Try to divert your mind towards the love of your school kids. 9 lastly, you can join as alumni in your own orphanage and spend time with the kids there so non of them feel lonely and insecure and lonely as you might feel sometime.be their best friend. Don't worry, you will be fine soon.

Hello sir, I know love knows no boundaries but the feel should be from both side. 

As this age of yours need someone to care and love around thts why you are loving the way she's caring and visiting you.

Moreover,developing the feeling  is genuine but , the second person should feel the way, you are feeling.

 As you mentioned that she's having wonderful Family, so , the feeling of  felling in love and want to be in her arms is wrong.

Ya, if you feel that you should share,then you can convey that you are getting attached to her,she herself will let you know the boundary of friendship she has with you.

Don't worry, tell her,telling someone about your feeling is not wrong,this either gives us correct path we need to be on. 

 If the fear is ,that she  will leave you, either she will let you understand her point of view for you and demarcated, the boundaries in your relationship. 


My advices for you are:

1. Divert yourself in some activity ; build new hobbies,meet new friends and don't make yourself depend on one person.

2.Make the meeting less,Yes,you can communicate through calls .

 Rule out May be, it's mere physical attraction.

3. I know distancing might be difficult, try to talk and meet your old friends and catch up with them.

 4. In case of help, you can go for professional counselling to help you in this delimma.

5. Give your own family time, go visit them and if you find trust,share with them the case and know their opinion.


Don't do anything,that make you happy but someone else Happy,accept the power of 'No


All the Best!