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Hello lady !! As the symptoms mentioned by you illustrating that you might be suffering from psychosis. 1. Mood swings , irritation and loss of interest in activities, insomnia pointing towards depression 2. Hearing voice of anklet is sign of auditory hallucination. 3. Feeling that someone is beside me is visual hallucination. 4. Medical conditions like oligomenorrhea is due to the phobia you feel. 5. Feeling of being dirty is related to obsessions and compulsion of doing repetitive task like hand washing and bathing frequently for longer duration. These all signs towards Psychosis. My suggestions for you would be: 1. Seek psychiatric help, book your appointment with doctor and get yourself assessed. Switch to Antipsychotics medications if preblockedions says. 2. Share the things with your family and husband , tell them that it's a problem and u need treatment, better take them with you at doctor . 3. Arrange a helping hand at home as your kids are young, as you will be on medicines it will be a relief on physical tasks. 4. Maintain a schedule to go for morning and evening walk, with family member to make you feel emotionally intact and protective. 5. You can also join some yoga classes and meditation therapies, naturopathy so, that you get your brain deviating from disturbing thoughts. 6. Psychological treatment including CBT AND CDT therapies will help you. Stay strong, you will be fine soon.