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Hello boy!! As you stated that you already went to the psychiatrist and they diagnosed you with OCD , BUT you didn't took any psychological counselling or therapy. Moreover, you are preparing for competitive exams and concentration seems to be the major issue and your thoughts are obsessional regarding: 1.washing hands every hour. 2.checking locks in pattern of 7. 3.pattern for walk. 4. Concentration. My effective tips for you would be : 1. First of all, let your family know about your problem , sit with them and discuss. 2. Seek psychiatric help, he might prescribe some medicines to you, take them on time. 3. Get your obsession assessed by y- bocs testing scale to know how much deep grooted the problem is. 4. Book psychological concentration session,they will teach you some techniques and exercises to enhance concentration skills. 5. CBT THERAPY will work wonders for you. Book session with psychologist and pursue them. 6. Don't delay the treatment, you need it. 7. Start reducing your compulsions , as you follow pattern of 7. Try to wash hands 7 times a day. 8. Study less but effective. Don't burdensome 9. Divertions like meditation and yoga will be effective simultaneously. Go and get treatment , things will be fine soon.