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Anshul Dubey

Career Psychologist

Area Of Expertise : Child Counseling, Parenting, Self Improvement, Work Stress, Job Stress, Decision Making, Career Counselling, School Counsellings, Child Education, Style Enhancement, Mobile Addiction, Mental Health, Money Loss, Motivation, Life Mentor, Internet Addiction, SocialMedia Addiction, Over Thinking

Language : English, Hindi

Indore, India

Anshul Dubey is an academic management professional with rich experience in the field of education, career counselling and life coaching. The assets he brings to his work as a career counsellor include 12 years of counselling experience and more than a decade of professional experience with several educational institutes. 1000s of students mentored by him have thrived in their respective fields. He helps students to find deeper satisfaction and happiness in their career and life choices -- and live their dreams. At the heart of his ability to work with people is his capacity for heart-felt deep listening and a warm sense of humour. He is passionate about helping students and feels great joy and satisfaction from helping them move ahead in their lives. He has helped people who were feeling stuck and losing hope to see new options and move forward. He has worked with students in their darkest times and helped them to rebuild their future. With his encouragement, clarity, warmth and straight-up feedback, he can help you define practical and achievable career goals and make them a reality. He helps students and parents in identifying and pursuing the right career path, make a successful career change, reducing work stress and creating a healthy work/life balance. He can help you make progress by Bringing structure and clarity to your thinking;  identifying core issues, uncovering values, passions, interests, strengths, and priorities to clarify and develop goals for your future career path. Through the process of asking insightful questions, assessing individual strengths, you will set goals, develop a plan, with deadlines and accountability for implementation. Exploring and developing your strengths. This is the pathway to your unique genius and greatest success and satisfaction at work. Moving through psychological and emotional barriers that prevent you from the future life and work you envision. Providing support and effective tools in helping you let go of stress, anxiety, and depression as you move toward your career goals. His core expertise includes Academic Performance Improvement, Subject Selection Counseling, Career Counseling, Life Coaching, Career Mentoring, Life Mentoring, Parent Coaching, Motivational Training, Career Management.  

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