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Anubhuti Dewan


Area Of Expertise : Child Counseling, Eating Disorders

Language : English, Hindi

Faridabad, India

Anubhuti Dewan is a Clinical Nutritionist in Faridabad, Inida. She is passionate about health and fitness. She manages nutrition assessing and therapeutically modifying the diet.

Anubhuti Dewan is a Clinical Nutritionist, passionate about health and fitness. She believe life begins as a single cell, which goes through several phases of growth and development. Her management includes nutritionally assessing and therapeutically modifying the diet of every individual that surrounds the lifestyle and floral stages to adolescence and adulthood. She has experience in dealing with different kinds of patients with characteristic patterns of growth and development that influence different nutritional requirements and dietary patterns. She has been called as a speaker to talk a Nutrition and its lifestyle modifications in different ailments by Homeopathic Doctor's Association. According to her, every patient has the same right as any other individual per safe, wholesome nutritious food and good meals.

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