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Aprajita Sharma

Career Psychologist, Counseling Psychologist

Area Of Expertise : Child Counseling, Marriage Counseling, Decision Making, Career Counselling, Adolescent Counselling, TeenAge Problems, School Counsellings, Mental Health, Motivation, Depression, Over Thinking, Family Counseling

Language : English, Hindi, Haryanvi, Rajasthani


Aprajita Sharma is a certified career counselor and counseling psychologist in Nagpur, India. Book An Appointment Today!

Aprajita Sharma is a certified Career Counselor and Counseling Psychologist in jaipur. She has held an experience of 3-years counseling. She has completed her Masters in Arts from Banasthali University, Jaipur. She is expertised is treating people dealing with relationship issues, difficulty in choosing career, family issues, and other psychological issues.

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