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Ashwarya Ralhan

Social Anxiety Counselor, Social Phobia Counselor

Area Of Expertise : Decision Making, SocialMedia Addiction, Self Improvement, Motivation, Stage Fear Counselling, Public Appearance Fear Counselling

Language : English, Hindi

Delhi, India

Ashwarya Ralhan is one of the best Social Anxiety Counselors, Social Phobia Counselors Psychologist in Delhi. Book An Appointment Today!

Ashwarya is a life coach and social fear anxiety counselor from Delhi. She has 3 years of experience in treating people who have fear of public gatherings, public speaking, and interaction with a huge crowd of people. She deals with people who are anti-social in life and help them to gather some self-confidence in them. She has three years of experience assisting people with their fears, helping them to speak in public, and specializes in treating people who have social anxiety. Her therapy is focused on helping clients feel more confident around other people.

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