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Devyani Sarraf


Area Of Expertise : Self Improvement, Physical Health, Nutrition, Eating Disorders, Mood Disorders, Breast Feeding, PostPartum Depression, Adolescent Counselling, TeenAge Problems

Language : English, Hindi

Kolkata, India

Devyani Sarraf is a Nutritionist in Kolkata. Her aim is to help promote your health by providing meal plans, lifestyle guidelines, and some counseling therapies

Devyani Sarraf is a Nutritionist in Kolkata currently pursuing her Masters in Food and Nutrition from J.D.Birla Institute Kolkata. Her aim to help in promoting your health by providing meal plans, lifestyle guidelines and some counseling therapies that are suitable for your medical condition and adhere to your cultural preferences. Together, you can go beyond calorie counting, tracking inch or weight loss and promoting fad or detox diets. She lays emphasis on regulating habits, exercise regimes, work hours and sleeping patterns. She specializes in Weight Management, Pregnancy and Lactation, Family meal plans, Meal plans for office goers and also for different age groups. She also provides therapeutic plans for diabetes, PCOS, heart disease, Liver disease, Anaemia, Cancer and others.

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