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Dr. Himalayani Sharma

Dr. Himalayani Sharma

Counselor, Post-Partum Psychosis Counselor

Area Of Expertise : Mood Disorders, Breast Feeding

Language : English, Hindi

Delhi, India

Himalayani Sharma is the renowed Nursing Professor in Delhi, currently speacialized in the feild of Gynaecology and Post-Partum Education. She has an emmense 15 years experience in teaching inservice nursing staff at Lok Nayak Hospital, Delhi and proudly associated with Ahilya Bais College of Nursing, Delhi University as a Professor, Gyanecologist Department. She deals with cases of postpartum depression, psychosis, postpartum blues, schizophrenia cases. She say 85% of ladies undergoes postpartum depression after their delivery due to change in bodilyimage fatigue. Restless nights, breast feeding schedules and responsibilities. Burden of family, lack of love, care, affection are also factor leading to depression. She offers counselins to the mothers with Gyane, IVF issues, infertility and breast feeding problems. She is holding her degree in Ph.D education.

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