Dr. Mitika Dhingra

Counselor, Child Dentist

Area Of Expertise : Self Improvement, Physical Health, Nutrition, Oral Health

Language : English, Hindi

Hisar, India

Dr. Mitika Dhingra has completed her graduation (BDS) from Rajasthan University of Health Science. She is consultant dentist at our prestigious pannel since more than 4 years and has given smile to many young kids and grown up's. She is certified by Haryana State Dental Council with Reg.No. 007364. She deals with childs dentistry problems such as; thumb sucking, lip bitting, mouth breathing, tongue thristing, bruxism etc. She is currently working in her own clinic at Hisar. Dr. Mitika Dhingra is specializes in cosmetic dentistry, dental implants, root canal therapy, dentures, etc. She provides humane and comfortable environment during dental treatment. She treats her patients with compassion, respect and empathy.

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