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Isha Sokhal

Consultant Psychologist

Area Of Expertise : Couple Counseling, Marriage Counseling, Sleep, Work Stress, Bipolar Disorders, Eating Disorders, Mood Disorders, Schizophrenia, Adolescent Counselling, Phobia, Psycho Therapies, Mental Health, Motivation, Addiction

Language : English, Hindi, Punjabi, Haryanvi

Sirsa, India

Isha Sokhal is a certified Consultant Psychologist in Sirsa, Haryana. She specialized in addressing psychological assessments and interventions at individual, group or at organ isation levels, She loves to help others, enjoying solving problems and worked with a wide range of clientage. She beleives that every individual has the potential to grow emotionally and psychologically towards their goals. All they need is support. She is also there for such who needs support and help them cope from their emotional problems. Her area of expertise are: relationship difficulity, personal growth and development, trauma counseling, yoga therapy, mindfullness training, psychospiritual enhancement training, anxiety, depression, learning disabilities etc. She works on individuals, childrens, adolescent and adults as well. She have empathy and person centred approach to clients. 

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