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Ishita Jain

Consultant Psychologist

Area Of Expertise : Child Counseling, Child Education, Parenting

Language : English, Hindi

Noida, India

Ishita Jain is a Consultant Psychologist based in Noida, India. Excelling in individual counselling and behavior therapy techniques with a diverse population. Book an appointment!

Ishita Jain is a Consultant Psychologist excelling in individual counselling and behaviour therapy techniques with a diverse population. She is comfortable working with all age groups with mental health problems and dysfunctional behaviour patterns. She provides an open and unbiased space to unfold in complete confidentiality. She is very well updated with current trends in Psychology. She always listens to you calmly, understand and guide you on your journey. You can talk to her about your troubles, emotions, stress, anxiety, worries or dreams. She helps you to  acknowledge your strengths and potential, take charge of your wellness and learn to relieve your mind.

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