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Kinjal Jain

Consultant Psychologist

Area Of Expertise : Deaddiction, Couple Counseling, Marital Counselling, Parenting, Self Improvement, Sleep, Physical Health, Nutrition, Work Stress, Job Stress, Oral Health, Astrology

Language : English, Hindi, Marathi, Gujrati

Mumbai, India

Kinjal Jain is practicing as a Consultant Psychologist in Mumbai trained in Clinical Hypnotherapy, Past life Regression Therapy, and Inner Child healing therapy

Kinjal Jain is practicing as a Consultant Psychologist in Mumbai. Also, she has been trained in Clinical Hypnotherapy, Past life Regression Therapist, Life between life and Inner Child healing therapist (CHI USA), Graphologist- Handwriting and Signature analyst, Numerology and Tarot Card Reader.

She hopes to share her knowledge, by conducting training sessions, seminars, and retreats in schools, colleges, and Ngo's. She is the founder and director of the organization named- Mending Mind, where she conducts counseling sessions and training sessions for individuals and groups.

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