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Meenal Pandey

Clinical Psychologist, Career Psychologist

Area Of Expertise : Child Counseling, Parenting, Mental Health, Life Mentor, Depression

Language : English, Hindi


Meenal Pandey is a Clinical Psychologist in Ghaziabad. She explains her role is to bridge the gap between you and your problem which is creating a hindrance in your personal growth and development. She will let you manage your life with simple therapies and guidance so that you do not go on the wrong path of your life with the pressure of some known or unknown person or in the flow of your emotions. She introduces her with Mihaly the quote"A joyful life is an individual creation that can't be copied from a recipe"It gives her immense pleasure that you clicked on her profile to bring a positive change in your life. She has been working in this field from the year 2012 with almost 3000 cases dealing with different age-related problems, Anxiety, Depression, Fear, Personality Development, Body shaming, and all other mental health issues. She also conducts various in house sessions for her students on different topics like good touch bad touch, hygiene, career guidance along with individual test which is taken later. Now, you must be thinking why you should choose her above all so let me tell you She will ensure the confidentiality of you and will listen to your problem will all patience and try to help with therapies and guidance in a suitable time without burden your pocket as well. Now the choice is yours whether to choose luxury without mental health or to choose her for being fit and healthy mentally.

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