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Neetal Shingare

Counselor, Therapist

Area Of Expertise : Child Counseling, Couple Counseling, Job Stress, Mental Health, OCD, Phobia, Depression, Over Thinking, Anger Management, Meditation, Hypnotherapy, Past Life Regression

Language : English, Hindi, Marathi

Mumbai Thane, India

Looking for online counselor in Mumbai Thane? Neetal Shingare is an experienced online counselor based in Mumbai Thane, India. Book Session Online!

Neetal Shingare is an ceritified and experienced Spiritiual Healer based in Mumbai Thane, Maharasthra. She has completed her M.Sc in Counseling & Spiritual Healing from Annamalai Universiy. She heals the people spiritually who are dealing with addiction issues, depression, relationship issues, domestic violence, disturbed marriage, family disputes, chlidren with developmental issues and other mental health complications.

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