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Parmeet Kaur

Clinical Psychologist

Area Of Expertise : Deaddiction, Couple Counseling, Marriage Counseling, Self Improvement, Sleep, Work Stress, Job Stress, Panic Attacks, Eating Disorders, Mood Disorders, Decision Making, PostPartum Depression, TeenAge Problems, Phobia, Psycho Therapies, Mobile Addiction, Mental Health, Addiction, Internet Addiction, SocialMedia Addiction

Language : English, Hindi

Bengaluru, India

Parmeet Kaur is a Psychologist with Specialization in Clinical Psychology in Bengaluru. She is a personal safety and sexuality education facilitator associated with Enfold, Banglore. Parmeet Kaur is also a gold Medalist. Her area of interest is addiction. She has an experience in dealing with clients who had depression, anxiety, addiction, stress, age related problem, cancer care, etc. She has been associated with Fortis Hospital, Kidwai Hospital. Mahima Rehab Center and in various counseling centers. She has done multiple certification course, she is certified in sexuality education and personal safety, suicide prevention care, insight therapies, cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) in OCD, sexual dysfunction, couple and family therapy, hypnosis, cancer counseling, solution focused therapy, psychological assessment for children, mental health education, mindfulness based CBT, Behavioural therapy, REBT, assessement and management of technology addiction, prevention of child sexual abuse, relapse prevention in alcohol dependence, life skill education, personality and addictive behaviour, technology and women empowerment, psychometric certification, career counseling etc. She has also presented paper on technology and women empowerment. She has done research on how depression, stress and anxiety affect married women.  

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