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Pooja Aggarwal

Relationship Counselor, Work Stress Counselor

Area Of Expertise : Couple Counseling, Marriage Counseling, Self Improvement, Sleep, Work Stress, Job Stress

Language : English, Hindi

Delhi, India

Pooja Agarwal is an experienced Work Stress Counselor as well as Relationship Counselor in Delhi, India. She is very passionate about Mental Health and works sincerely for the mental well being of her patients/clients and their families. Her management plan includes careful listening to her patients/clients, understanding their problems and the route cause, finding a mutual solution and thus helping their recovery. Her treatment includes counseling and psychotherapy as per need of individuals. She is holding 12 years of experience in this field. According to Pooja "In this Era of modernization compelled every second people to earn to maintain growing needs of life. Hence the work stress is genuine". Time management, good leadership quality, positive personality, anger and team management are the key of happy professional life. She also helps individuals struggling with; issues in married life, bonding with friends and colleagues, parents/ in-laws and there is an increasing number of individuals who face a tough time coping with heart breaks and needs dedicated counseling.

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