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Priya Rao

Counseling Psychologist

Area Of Expertise : Work Stress, Home Care, Psycho Therapies, Motivation, Life Mentor, Depression, Family Counseling, Geriatric Counseling

Language : English, Hindi, Kannada

Bangalore, India

Looking for counseling psychologist in Bangalore? Priya Rao is a trained counseling psychologist and psychotherapist with 5 years of work experience.

Priya Rao is a trained Counseling Psychologist, Psychotherapist and Life Skills Trainer from Australia. Her specialties are: Relationship concerns, counseling patients, caregivers of people with cancer, grief management, bereavement, anxiety, depression, stress, anger management. She is also trained in life skills, management like self-esteem, communication skills, empathy, interpersonal relations, managing emotions, management of stress, self-awareness, etc. She has her Diploma in Child Psychology from Australia. She has worked in health care sectors, schools, oncology hospitals and aged care.

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