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Priyanka Jain


Area Of Expertise : Child Counseling, Deaddiction, Work Stress, Job Stress, Mental Health

Language : English, Hindi

New Delhi, India

Looking for online psychologist in New Delhi? Priyanka Jain is one of the best psychologists in New Delhi, India. Book your session online!

Priyanka Jain is the best Psychologist in New Delhi. She is working in the feild of psychology since 3 years with a true passion. She enjoy helping people to improe their lives by understanding the root cause of their problem and teaching them effective coping techniques and creating positive ways of being. She believe in the saying-impart the art of fishing instead of giving a fish.

Her interest in the field inspired me to initiate a voluntary project "FREE MINDS" to mentally empower society through free workshops and trainings on various psychosocial issues. Her curiosty also encouraged her to attend national and international courses like Art Psychotherapy and Neuro Linguistic Programming. She like to use eclectic approach and working on diverse issues like Anxiety, OCD, Stress, Depression, childhood Disorders, Anger Management and Addiction.

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