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Shivaji Vilas Atre

Counseling Psychologist

Area Of Expertise : Marriage Counseling, Parenting, Work Stress, Job Stress, Psycho Therapies, Over Thinking

Language : English, Hindi, Marathi

Pune, India

Shivaji Vilas Atre is an expert Psychotherapist in Pune. He has varied educational background encompassing qualifications including Masters in Laws from the University of Pune, P.G. Diploma in Counseling Psychology from D.E. Society, Pune and M.Sc in Psychology from Regents University, London. He specializes in cases varying from individual counseling, couple counseling, grief counseling, parenteral counseling, work stress, job change, self-growth, anger issues, etc. Shivaji is connected to various institutes under different roles. He is associated with D.E. Society's Fergusson College as a clinical supervisor for the students of counseling courses. He is a project coordinator for Saad Counseling Project conducted by Lend A Hand India. He is also connected to the Fulcrum Psysiotherapy clinic to help patients with chronic pain. Shivaji strongly believes that no human intents any harm for a fellow human, and if so, there is a reason which needs to be addressed rather than the individual. Sessions with Shivaji help indiiduals see life with clarity of situation, emotions, and actions. He believes in mindfulness and living in here ad now and that is where is helps his clients to arrive at.

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