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Shivika Jain

Mental Health Professional, Counselor

Area Of Expertise : Child Counseling, Couple Counseling, Marital Counselling, Parenting, Self Improvement, Sleep, Physical Health, Work Stress, Job Stress, Personality Test, Panic Attacks, Eating Disorders

Language : English, Hindi


Discover expert counseling services in Ahmedabad with best counselor Shivika Jain. Achieve personal growth and emotional well-being with professional guidance.

As a highly dedicated and skilled professional with a master's degree in mental health and counseling, I am committed to making a meaningful impact on individuals' lives by providing comprehensive academic, emotional, and social support. Worked in private practice with two organizations. Possesses a strong ethical and interpersonal skill. My practice is rooted in a commitment to ethical principles and a deep respect for client autonomy, privacy, and confidentiality. I adhere to the highest ethical standards in all interactions and decisions. I am skilled at empathetic listening, which helps me understand clients' concerns, emotions, and perspectives, leading to more insightful and productive therapeutic sessions. This skill contributes to a positive and productive therapeutic environment. I have a comprehensive background in conducting psychological assessments, including standardized testing and clinical interviews. This proficiency allows me to accurately diagnose and monitor clients' progress over time, ensuring that treatment plans are tailored to their evolving needs. My professional journey in private practice settings has equipped me with a diverse skill set, strong ethical principles, and a deep commitment to fostering positive change in the lives of individuals.

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