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Shiwani Gurwara

Shiwani Gurwara

Life Coach, Relationship Counselor

Area Of Expertise : Marriage Counseling, Self Improvement, Sleep, Work Stress, Job Stress, Divorce Cases, TeenAge Problems, Motivation, Life Mentor, Over Thinking

Language : English, Hindi, Punjabi


Shiwani is an ICF certified Empowerment Coach with more than 20 years of global experience in understanding human behavior & mind. She has autodidact herself towards coaching and counseling in the last 9 years with additional certifications from the University of British Columbia online and Archeology - the Academy of Applied Psychology.  Shiwani believes that each one of us is truly unique and has the power to find our own path within us. She is passionate about the power of positivity and helping people discover their potential, overcome limiting beliefs, and taking control to unleash the power within! Her coaching and counseling is goal-focussed, individual-centric, challenging, and directed towards personal growth and development.  Shiwani specializes in Relationship Coaching, Stress Relief and Management, Empowerment, Holistic Life Balance, Leadership Mindsets, and Spiritual Wellness.

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