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Yogi Rathore

Happiness Coach, Life Mentor

Area Of Expertise : Couple Counseling, Marital Counselling, Life Mentor

Language : English, Hindi

Jodhpur, India

Are you looking for life mentor in Jodhpur? Yogendra Singh Rathore is a certified life mentor in Jodhpur, Rajasthan. Book your appointment!

Whatever we do & want to Do, whatever we want to be, whatever we want to Have, that is for one single reason: HAPPINESS!!!

Whatever…call it Health, Wealth, Relationship, Marriage, Children, Family, Responsibility, Career/Profession, Hobbies, Passion, Society, Peace of Mind, Love, even God……. There is only one Driving Force – Seeking Happiness (or Avoiding Un-Happiness)."- Says Yogi Rathore

Our lives may look so different, yet it is so same… !!! Understanding the causes of Misery and exercising the factors enhancing our happiness, we can first make our life Happier. And then only we can spread the same happiness around. Like all other things worth cherishing, Happiness is also to be ensured with courage, determination, some understanding, and some work. “Never forget, we are here to Celebrate, Love others, spread happiness and Leave the world a better place than what we had got when we were born.” He further enhances.

Being an Engineering Graduate & MBA and having served the corporate world in IT & Banking for over 2 decades; and being a Faculty for the Art-of-Living for 'Happiness Programs' Yogi Rathore is a now helping others as Certified Happiness Coach, Yoga and Meditation Teacher, Public Speaker on Relationship, Leadership & Entrepreneurship, Corporate Trainer for Soft Skills development and Life Mentor. A Seeker since early childhood, his Education & Learnings of all these years made him realize the essence of serving and giving back to the society.   He helps people find Meanings & Solutions; and get in touch with their innate state of joy.   He hails from Jodhpur, India.

YogiRathore is counseling people for over 25 years and makes it very comfortable for adults, children, Couples and parents from all backgrounds. Being father of two kids(16 & 7 yrs), he has hands-on experience of parenting & developing relationships based on honesty, trust and openness. He is a perpetual person with a pleasant personality and fine communication skills, he easily connects, with people and leaves a positive lasting impression.

“Let’s join hands and make Life Happier for all of us”... is the Motto YogiRathore lives with.

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