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Zeba Khan


Area Of Expertise : Child Counseling, Couple Counseling, Marital Counselling, Work Stress, Adolescent Counselling, TeenAge Problems, Depression

Language : English, Hindi

Dubai, UAE

Are you looking for psychologist in Dubai? Zeba Khan is an expert psychologist & counselor in Dubai, UAE. Book An Appointment Online!

Zeba Khan is an Expert Psychologist & Counselor in Dubai. She has done a Masters in Psychology and gaining hands-on experience by giving counseling sessions to children of all age groups, backgrounds, and behaviors. She believes children are not to be only molded but they are deep people who need to be unfolded. This requires a fair amount of patience, trust and a positive approach, achieved by working and observing children from close quarters – in schools, at home, and in other institutes. 

From young children to adolescents she has dealt with and helped an array of young people who are struggling with the way they feel and noticed that by giving them the right attention, respect, hearing them out and helping them find solutions, their mental health improved.

She has worked with young people who look healthy but who are struggling with mental health issues such as depression or eating disorders; She has also addressed problems with anxiety, bereavement; bullying, anger, relationships, low self-esteem, and self-harm. She feels it is easier and important to build strong children than to repair broken adults. She earns the child’s trust so he or she can talk his heart out, She supports them without making them feel judged, and managed to create a positive difference in their lives.

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