Kirti Ramchandani

Psychologist,Child Counselling

Languages known: English,Hindi

Area of Expertise

  • Depression
  • Child Counseling
  • Anxiety
  • Parenting
  • ADHD
  • Adolescent Counselling
  • TeenAge Problems
  • Child Education


My Fit Brain

Kirti Ramchandani is a certified Child Psychologist, according to her each child is unquie and special in his/her own way. We should accept them regardlessof their abilities and disabilities. She has been indulge in Clinical Child Psychology and her post graduation in Disaster Management. She has an experience in dealing with clients who had depression, anxiety, dyslexia, LD's, ADHD and so on. She has been associated with Vimhans, Shanti Home, SMS Psychiatric Hospitals and Forties. She give her heart and soul to improve the QCl of the client. As each child is different from one another and we should respect their unquiness and qualities and turning their weakness into strenghts. Kirti Ramchandani aims at integrated children back into the society in a smooth and effective manner. Her mission is to provide the highest value-added hands on the therapeutic services to our children, families and school. Her values consists of five reinforcing elements: quality, professionalism, child centric, quantifiable value add (regular progressing IEP's), personal and team growth.