How To Identify If A Girl Loves You? 12 signs You Should Know

Wondering about how to know that a girl loves you? In this article we have discussed about signs that you should be aware to identify if a girl loves you or not.

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signs a girl loves you

Have you ever fallen in love with someone? It can be scary at times. Don’t you think so? It might be giving you butterflies in your stomach, but have you reached the stage of your life when you can identify true love? Pure love is not questionable. It happens on its own. But how to identify whether the girl is interested or not? Boys can propose on their will. Girls should also get this chance. Since girls have an upper hand, they take time to yes or no. But can you actually find out whether she likes you in reality or is she faking it? This is what we are going to talk about in our article.

Understanding The Psychology of a Girl When She is in Love

Girls are unpredictable and complicated beings. It is very difficult to read the mind of a girl. Many times when two people are in a relationship it is not necessary that they are in love, maybe that together just because of infatuation or any other motive. There are also cases when one partner is in love with another but the other doesn't love back. Maybe they say they love each other but they may not mean it. In the case of girls, there are cases when girls get together with you just because of lust, or to ensure security, to gain something from you. It is very difficult to trust the words of anyone even if it is a girl. So, you must recognize whether a girl loves you or is just with you for any other motive. Below, we are stating some of the signs with the help of which you can recognize whether a girl loves you or not. 

12 Signs That A Girl Loves You

Do you want to know whether a girl loves you or not? Many times people mistake the actions and words of a girl to be loved, but it turns out to be something else. So, how can you recognize whether a girl loves you or not? Here are 12 signs that indicate the girl is into you and loves you.

1. The Girl Understands You And Your Needs And Situation

Some girls order you around and don't even care for your feelings. For example, she may ask you to accompany her even if you are busy or stuck at some urgent work. But on the contrary, some girls understand your situation and needs. When she knows that you are busy she won't ask you stubbornly to do her work, rather she will understand you and even try to help you.

2. She Values You And You Both Have Mutual Understanding

If a girl truly loves you will value you and will not blame you for any misunderstanding or any arguments that happen between you too. She won't insult you in front of her friends or other acquaintances. You both will share mutual understanding and set out rules together. Rules in the sense at what time you can talk to each other and you both are free.

3. The Girl Never Talks About The Breakup or Leaving You But Improving You

Another hint or sign that a girl truly loves you is that she won't talk about breaking up leaving you even after you commit any mistake or hurt her. She won't threaten you saying that if you don't do this she will leave you. She will work towards improving you and helping you not commit any mistakes again but will not leave you.

4. She Accepts Your Hobbies, Your Friends and Values Them

If your girl is accepting your friends, your hobbies, your passion, and supporting you in enhancing them then you can consider that your girl truly loves you. She will try to make up to your friends and look presentable before them so that she can maintain your image. She will value your friends and won't tell you to cut off from them.

5. She Never Compares You With Another Person

Your girl will never compare you with any other person if she truly loves you, be it her father, brother, friend, or any other one. She will never compare new and point out flaws and make you feel that you are less than anybody. She will instead tell you that you are the best.

6. She Wishes to Progress With You Rather Than Gain Progress From You

Another sign that a girl truly loves you is she wants to grow in progress along with you. She won't ever try to push you down and raise herself. She will always wish for your growth and your success and will try to grow herself as well on her own.

7. She Encourages You And Boosts You

If a girl increases you and boosts you then she truly loves you. She will support your decision and stay by your side even in your darkest time. If you will truly love her no matter where you stand she will always be there for you and we'll help you out by motivating and encouraging you.

8. She Will Contact Your Eyes Frequently

If a girl I will truly love you then you will notice her contacting your eyes frequently. You will find her frequently noticing you and glancing at you many times. This is one of the signals that a girl likes you and wants to be with you. 

9. The Girl Will Accept You With Your Flaws And As You Are

Another sign that a girl truly loves you is that she will accept you with all your flaws and as you are. Yes, she will try to make you a better person but she will not tell you to change yourself completely if she is to be with you.

10. She Will Put in Effort For You And Compromise Just to Be With You

If a girl truly loves you then you will notice she put in the effort just to be with you. She will try to make you happy and put in small efforts by giving you small surprises and even compromise with certain things and just do it so that she can be with you.

11. The Girl Will Look After You As a Mother

The girl will look after you and take care of you as a mother if she truly loves you. She will cook for you, take care of you when you are ill, stay by your side when you need her, and many more things. She will even scold you when you do something wrong, pamper you when you are angry, and help you emotionally when you are sad. 

12. She Forgives You Each Time But Doesn't Tolerate Your Bad Habits

Another sign that a girl truly loves you starts even if you commit some mistake she'll forgive you but will not tolerate your bad habits. Even though you are annoying her, she will not leave you, but will not let you follow bad habits.

Signs That The Girl Doesn't Love You

1. She Always Blames You And Orders You Around

If a girl never puts efforts to nurture and grow the relationship or never takes responsibility to find out what went wrong in the bond you share with her and puts the blame on you instead, it is the right time for you to walk out of the relationship. If she is too self-obsessed and has unapologetic behavior, nothing can go right in your relationship. Ask her if she really wants the relationship to work or if she is dragging herself in the relationship because of her insecurities. Change can be scary for people. Maybe she has got fed up with the relationship but doesn’t have the courage to walk out.

2. She Compares You With Other People

Comparison is the worst thing a person can do. This is valid for everyone. If a girl wants you to stand out in all parameters and she doesn’t look at your efforts, rather compares you with someone that makes you lose your self-worth. Then, you should walk out right now from this web of fake emotions. Girls generally do comparisons to make you feel jealous. You need to figure out the possibilities on your own. If she is doing this to bring out the positive side of you, then it is a different story. You should be able to judge it.

3. She Points Out Your Flaws

We all have flaws. It's not possible to be perfect at everything we do. But if she points out your flaws, believe us, she suffers from a superiority complex. Maybe she wants to mold you according to herself. Never fall into this trap, just be yourself and the world will adjust for you. A real-life partner will not care enough to make you perfect but love you with your imperfections. Just give it a thought!!

4. She Doesn't Understand You and Your Feelings

It is a difficult feeling. What good is a relationship if you can’t convey your true feelings to your partner? If she misunderstands you, without even listening to your side of the story, can you imagine your life with her? For example, if she is insensitive and laughs at your misery. What will you do? Would you still love her? If she doesn’t understand your real motives and rarely pays attention to your work, it is a red sign for your relationship.

5. You Won't Be Able to Feel Her Words

Many times, you may fall in love with a girl for her attractiveness. But when you really talk to her, the conversation seems futile having no conclusion. Her words fall into your ears but not your soul. In this case, how do you plan to spend your entire life with her? This makes your relationship vulnerable as having a good conversation is the first step to developing a feeling of closeness.


True love is hard to find. Choosing the right partner is important as our life depends on it. Whether it be joyous moments or misery, you need a person by your side. Only a life partner can take up this role. Girls are gentle souls but it is difficult to impress girls in general. There is no debate over that. Hence, never make relationships without giving a deep thought and analyzing the pros and cons. Identify if the girl really likes you for the worth you hold in your personality or for your wealth. It can be very difficult to read her emotions. Girls hold some manipulative power. But, it is not to be taken in a bad sense. They can be persuasive for good things, but you will have to judge accordingly.

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