9 Myths On Girls Periods

In this article, we have discussed about the various myths on girls periods circulating not only in India, but worldwide.

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Myths On Girls Periods

Periods are a normal cycle in girls. But due to myths, many women think that they have to go through pain every day and it is not normal at all. Periods are very healthy and they can cause no harm to your body. The only thing that should be avoided is irregularity during menstruation because this can lead to some health issues. This article is aimed at debunking some of the most common myths on girls periods.  Hopefully, after reading this article, you will have a better understanding of girls periods, sex and marriage life.

Myths On Girls Periods

1. Using Tampons Can Affect Your Virginity

Fact: There is no scientific evidence that using tampons affects your virginity. It is completely normal for women to use tampons or other sanitary pads during their period, as it is a normal part of one’s menstruation cycle. The only thing that should be avoided during this time is sexual intercourse as it can lead to an infection or even infertility in some cases. 

2. It Is Unhealthy to Have Sex During Periods

Fact: This is a misconception about girls periods. Many women believe that having sex during their periods is not good for their health since blood flow will be restricted which might result in anaemia or other complications during pregnancy or after delivery, but there are no scientific studies to support this assertion either. It has been observed that having sex every day helps in keeping your libido high which makes you feel more attractive and attractive towards your partner, thus leading to stronger and better sex and marriage life amongst spouses. 

3. You Should Not Go Swimming While Your Periods Are on

Should Not Go Swimming

Fact: You can swim, but make sure that you don't take a dip in the sea or river as this may result in heavy bleeding and pain. If you feel the need to go swimming, then at least take a bath before heading out.

4. The Blood During Period Days is Dirty

Blood During Period Days

Fact: The menstrual blood is just like the other types of blood that you have in your body. It has the same components, like oxygen, carbon dioxide and nutrients. In fact, during menstruation, there can be more blood than usual because of the hormonal changes that occur. Also, it is not dirtier than any other type of blood - it's just redder in colour.

5. One Should Not Wash Her Hair During Periods

Not Wash Her Hair During Periods

Fact:This is one of the myths on girls periods that need to be busted. As you go through your cycle, it is okay to wash your hair once a week or even twice a week. It will not only help you get rid of dirt and sweat but also clean out the scalp and make your hair soft and shiny.

6. Boys Should Not Know About Periods

Fact: Periods are a female's private matter, and it is not something that boys should be aware of. This myth might have started because of the embarrassment associated with the topic, or because girls thought that they would be perceived as less feminine if they had to explain their periods to their boyfriends. But, being able to share about periods with your partner is a great tip to make your new relationship stronger

7. Periods Are Shameful

Periods Are Shameful

Fact: Menstruation is a natural part of being a girl. It's part of our bodies, and it happens every month. You don't have to be embarrassed about it or hide it from boys. If you're worried about what your boyfriend will think of your period, tell him in advance so he knows what to expect. Because this is also a great tip to make your new relationship stronger. Most guys think periods are cool, and they can appreciate the fact that you have your period without needing to know all the details.

8. Periods Should Always Come on Time

Fact: This is a very big misconception about girls periods. There's no harm in having a day late or two days early, as long as you're not still bleeding when it starts. Your period can last anywhere from two to seven days, and spotting can happen at any time during that time frame. 

9. It's Ok to Have Pain

It's Ok to Have Pain

Fact: Some women indeed feel pain during their periods, but it doesn't mean that it will always be there. Some women experience cramping, while others experience backaches or headaches. And some periods also causes repeated mood swings. Not all pain is bad; try not to worry about it if you don't feel like something is wrong. If the pain gets worse than usual, go see your doctor for advice about what could be causing it and how to treat it.


Females and menstrual periods are one tabooed topic in our society. Though females cannot deny the fact that as they are growing up, menstruation is a part and parcel of womanhood. it is not surprising to find that majority of females remain confused about the concept of menstruation, its signs, symptoms, what is lust and many more interrelated questions. 

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1. Why do girls have periods?

The body of a female is designed to release hormones to prepare it for pregnancy and lactation. The hormonal changes that occur during puberty as well as during menstruation allow this to happen. 

2. How long does a girl’s menstrual cycle last each month?

Each cycle lasts approximately 28 days and the length of time varies from woman to woman. For example, some women have cycles that last longer than 28 days while others have shorter cycles that last only 21 days or less.

3. Is it true that girls get a period when they're pregnant?

No, they do not. Pregnancy and menstruation are two different processes. A woman's body goes through many hormonal changes during pregnancy and she will not have her period if she gets pregnant. You can also go for sex counselling sessions to get a better understanding of what is lust and how to Avoid Pregnancy after unprotected sex.

4. What are you supposed to do if you don't get your period?

If you're a girl, chances are good that you'll get your first period by the time you're 12 years old or so. Fewer than 1 in 4 girls will miss it. If you don't get your period by age 13, talk to your doctor or another trusted adult about why this might be happening and what can be done to help prevent it from happening again. 

5. Is there anything I can do to make my periods more regular?

Yes! Some things that might help include eating healthy foods (like yoghurt) and exercising regularly. Talk with your doctor or a female psychologist about starting a journal of activities and symptoms so that he or she can learn more about what might be causing your irregular periods.

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